Crossing Traditional Boundaries

AnalyticsModernizationWith the rapid changes in business information needs accompanied by the ongoing advancements in technology, it’s no wonder companies are contending with how and when to move ahead. That’s where we come in.

For years, we’ve been battling in the trenches. We’ve been evaluating, aligning, managing, advocating, and continuously improving our solutions – as practitioners and technology experts. We’ve helped our customers to unify and modernize best experiences, processes, and technologies. We’ve deployed these best practices to help our customers realize radical cost-savings, improve productivity, and replace non-factual decision making.

The result – we understand that companies differ in their stages of analytic sophistication – from standard reporting to statistical analysis to predictive modeling and optimization. Thus, our analtyics modernization services reflect and cater to these various stages.

Why Choose Modernization?


  • Need to build a “behemoth” data warehouse
  • Wait months to deliver to the business
  • Need an army of BI developers


  • Finally bridge the gap between IT and the business
  • Quickly transform into a self-service BI shop
  • Build more effective/efficient analyst teams
  • Lower your costs of deploying BI to the enterprise
  • Generate data-driven decisions
  • Experience stronger focus on data governance

Our Analytics Modernization Services

StrategicGuidance Transforming your data to generate smarter business decisions can seem like a daunting task. To us, it’s just another day at the office. At Archipelago, we have brought together renowned thought leaders and technology experts to help you drive business discovery and performance strategies, strengthen data governance, and modernize the way you visualize your data. So, while your team focuses on the job at hand, our team will be busy assessing, analyzing, and discovering gaps between your current and desired state. We’ll propose solutions to close those gaps and custom-craft a roadmap that will guide you to where you need to go, including:

Our goal is provide worry-free planning, oversight, and support throughout the course of your journey.

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ProcessInnovationIn today’s competitive market, companies are continuously pressured to reach innovative levels of performance. On top of that, rapid changes in technologies are influencing companies to accelerate beyond their traditional process designs. These challenges are causing companies to become more agile and more proactive to the ever-changing business needs. This requires change and change requires action. Archipelago’s effective process innovation services are designed to help facilitate this change.

  • Modify your value proposition
  • Facilitate company-wide process governance
  • Reengineer current business processes
  • Develop customer-centric approaches
  • Deploy new processes and supporting technologies

Our goal is to help you create a blueprint that’s just right for you.

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EmergingTechnologiesAt some point during your analytics journey, traditional methods and standard technologies for delivering analytics to meet your business needs will no longer withstand. You will need to explore better and faster solutions that maximize your investments. Most companies may resist these changes, while others may embrace it, but aren’t sure where to start. Everyday companies of all sizes and different stages in development engage us to explore opportunities and determine the best course of action. Our teams of experts are on the front line of developing technologies. We are continuously identifying, advocating, and implementing next generation solutions that are designed to eliminate the guesswork.

The most up-to-date technology solutions we offer are:

  • In-Memory
  • Business Discovery
  • Big Data
  • Analytics as a Service
  • Mobile
  • Appliance Based Solutions

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